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ELAD SNA 2550 USB Scalar Network Analyser

ELAD SNA 2550 USB Scalar Network Analyser

Varenummer: PF-SNA_2550 Bestillingsvare

Kr 19 308,- Kr 19 308,-

SNA2550 Scalar Network Analyzer 400 kHz to 2.5 GHzopen 100 kHz to 2.6 GHz). The SNA2550 is a 400 kHz ÷ 2.5 GHz (100 kHz ÷ 2.6 GHz) P.C. based portable analyzer for the measurement of the transfer function of two ports electronic devices. Transmitted and reflected power are plotted on a frequency/level diagram directly on a Personal Computer screen exactly like in the traditional network analyzers. The instrument consists of a RF box to be connected with the device under test and a P.C.Thanks to the supplied software the measured data are acquired, displayed and saved on the PC. Features: RF Out: 57dBµV to 107dBµV (0 dBm) full scale adjustable level in 1dB step RF in: 57dBµV to 110dBµV full scale measuring range Linear dynamic range: 60dB 20 + 10 + 10 dB switching attenuators Scan sweep: full-range or on selected frequency limits Selectable Start-Stop-Centre frequency limits Scan time and speed: T min. 500 ms for full span, 100 points/100ms Autocal. function through a supplied calibrated coax.Cable. Software Specifications: Main cockpit for measuring setup, attenuators, limits and frequency scan mode Real time scan with level-frequency plot over the selected range Save and Recall of the plotted diagram together with the relevant setup Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 environment USB 2.0 port Pass Test-Fail TCP/IP Server for remote control.

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