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Palm portabel morsenøkkel.


Portabel morsenøkkel. 

God nøkkel hvor mekanikken kan skyves inn i huset for transport. 

Leveres med magnetfeste.


Link til manual.




The PPK (Palm Portable Key) is a straight key and a great counterpart to the mini paddle.

This is a fully functional miniature telegraph key.


Specification of PPK

  • The cleverly devised key mechanism is housed in a rugged extrusion profile.
  • The entire mechanism can be shoved into the housing and thus is perfectly protected during transport.
  • Unique way of lever force adjustment - through an intelligent latching mechanism, ensures always reproducible spring.
  • Excellent feel and precise usability, inspired by the good old Junker keyer (... but not in size and weight!)
  • The supplied power cord is firmly connected with the key via a built-in strain relief. The cable end is fitted with a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) jack for connecting the key to many transceivers.
  • Case size only 25x25x79 mm or 1x1x3 inch (WxHxD) - ideal for travel, backpackers and outdoor-QRP enthusiasts!
  • Available in aluminium housing (PPK) or in ABS housing (PPK-ABS)
  • Weight of key only 74 grams - with QuickMount 89 grams.
  • Durable contacts made of 99.8% nickel material ensure high reliability in operation.
  • Absolutely precise setting of the contact gap with the supplied Allen key. A 90° twist of the adjusting screw causes a change in contact spacing of only 0.125 mm!
  • QuickMount with integrated Allen key and instructions included.



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