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Begali Stradivarius

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High perf. Iambic paddle, torsion susp. - Bestillingsvare





Begali Stradivarius.

Gravering av kallesignal.

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Nydelig utført arbeid.

For den som vil ha sitt personelige preg på paddelen.


En lykkelig Rune Fimreite.

Flott gave fra XYL.

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This spectacular key is more than just a beautiful CW instrument.  It uses an innovative approach to suspend the arms: not the usual pin and ball bearing construction that you find in our other keys and most other high-quality keys on the market, but specially made torsion blades.  This provides for totally frictionless arm movement.  Combined with finely adjustable spacing and magnetic return, the result is effortless keying with totally consistent mechanical performance.
The heavy richly engraved base, coated with titanium nitrate, gold plated components, silver contacts, light-
weight aircraft aluminum arms and finger pieces, micro-threaded adjustments - all this adds up to an extraordinary high-performance key.
Try this beautiful instrument which is bound to become a classic. Even if you already own many keys, this is going to stand out by sheer elegance and technical perfection. Take a look at eHam to see how other users rated this key. 




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