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Onsdag, 15 June 2016 13:23

Yaesu FTM-3200DE

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Powerful and Rugged 65 Watt Transmitter
Enjoy 65 Watts of 2-Meter RF Output to ensure long distance communication even in the toughest of situations. Type: F1D, F2D, F3E: Variable Reactance Modulation, F7W: 4FSK (C4FM)3 watts of crystal clear front panel audio
In any environment enjoy loud and crystal clear audio with 3 Watts of audio from the FTM-3200DE’s front mounted speaker. 8 Watt output using Optional External Speaker (MLS-200-M10)Digital and Analog FM Capable
There is no reason to limit communications with friends who have not yet chosen to transition to Digital. The FTM-3200DR performs perfectly well using both Analog FM and C4FM Digital, and can flawlessly integrate into either operating environment.Multi-colored BUSY/TX Indicator
Two large and vibrant multi-colored BUSY/TX LED status indicators clearly show the current operating state of the transceiver, turning Green when receiving an analog FM transmission and blue when receiving digital.• The top half lights green when in the BUSY/RX state.
• The top half lights red during transmission.
• The bottom half lights blue while receiving or transmitting digital voice signals.
• The bottom half lights white while receiving or transmitting digital data.
• The bottom half blinks blue when receiving the signal containing a different TONE frequency or DCS code other than the one configured.Digital Group Monitor Function
The digital GM function automatically checks whether members registered to a group are within the communication range, and displays information such as the distance and orientation for each call sign on the screen. This useful function not only enables you to see which friends are within communication range, it also permits you to see at a glance where all group members are located. Additionally, this function can be used to send messages and image data between group members. The Digital Group Monitor applies to direct communications between members; it is not applicable through a repeater.This is valuable feature for public service group activities, Search & Rescue operations, and any number of other uses limited only by your imagination!Frequency Range
Transmit: 144 – 148 MHz
 Receive: 136 – 174 MHzDimensions
Size: 6.1″ x 1.7″ x 6.1″ (154 x 43 x 155 mm)
 Weight: 2.86lb (1.3kg)Other Useful Features
- 220 Alpha-Numeric Memory Channels
 - CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode
 - Extended Receive 136-174 MHz.
- High Stability TCXO ±2.5 ppm
 - AMS (Automatic Mode Select)
 - DSQ (Digital Squelch Code) Signaling
 - Severe Weather AlertSupplied Accessories
- DTMF Microphone MH-48A6JA
 - USB Cable
 - Mounting Bracket
 - DC Power Cord w/Fuse
 - Operating Manual
 - Safety Guide
 - Warranty CardSpecifications
Circuit Type: Double Conversion Superheterodyne
 IF: 1st 47.25 MHz, 2nd 450 kHz
 Sensitivity (12dB SINAD): 0.20uV (HAM Wide), 0.22uV (HAM Narrow)
 Sensitivity (Digital): 0.22uV (BER 1%)
 Selectivity (-6/-60dB): 12 kHz/28 kHZ
 Maximum AF Output: 3W @ 13.8V, 10% THD
 Output Power: 65/30/5 W
 Maximum Deviation: +5 kHz (Wide), +2.5 kHz (Narrow)
 Spurious Radiation: Better than -60 dB
 Microphone Impedance: 2k Ohms
 Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
 Operating Temperature Range: -4 Degree’s (F) to +140 Degree’s (F)

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