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(2 stemmer)
Frequency Coverage: 144-146 and 430-440 MHz TX, 0.1 - 1300 MHz RX
434 Memory Channels, with 8-digit alpha-tagging
5 Watt RF Output from Standard Li-Ion Battery
FM/FM-Wide/FM-Narrow/AM + SSB/CW Receive to 470 MHz
Multi-Scroll Joystick + Keypad
Internal Ferrite Rod Antenna for Broadcast Reception
Resistant to rain, vibration and shock - MIL-STD 810 C/D/E

Supplied With

Antenna Yes
Battery Yes, PB-42L Li-Ion
Belt Clip Yes
Charger Yes
Instruction Manual Yes, English & Spanish
Line Filter Yes
Wrist Strap Yes

Amateur Radio General Features

1750 Hz Tone Burst Function. Yes
2 Call Channel Memories Yes
Alphanumeric LCD Display Yes
Antenna Socket SMA
Attenuator Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Automatic Repeater Offset (VHF) Yes
Automatic Simplex Checker Yes
Band-scope Display "Visual Scan" function covers +/- 5 frequency channels or +/- 5 memory channels
Busy Channel Lock-out Yes
Channel Display Mode Yes
CTCSS Encoder/Decoder Yes, 42 EIA Tones plus Tone Scan function
Data Connection for External TNC Yes
DCS Encoder/Decoder Yes, 104 Tones plus Tone Scan function
Direct Frequency Entry Yes
DTMF Encoder Yes
DTMF Memory Yes
Ferrite Bar Antenna - Built-in Yes
High-Quality Front Speaker Yes
Illuminated Front Panel Keys Yes
Internal VOX Yes
Key Beep On/Off Yes
Key Lock Yes
Memory Channel Lock-out Yes
Memory Channels with Alpha-tagging 400 Memory Channels
Memory Name Function Yes
Menu System for individual set-up Yes
Multiple Scan Functions Yes
Multi-scroll Key Yes
PC Programmable Memories Yes
Power-On Message Yes
Reverse Repeater Checker Yes
Selectable Squelch Configuration Yes
Simultaneous 2 frequency RX Yes
Time-Out Timer Yes
Visual Band Scope (Visual Scan) Yes, 11 channels
Wide/Narrow Deviation Selection Yes

Amateur Portable Specification

RF Output Power (approx.) - High 5 W
RF Output Power (approx.) - Low 0.5 W
RF Output Power (approx.) - E. Low 0.05 W
Frequency Range - RX - VHF 144 - 146 MHz
Frequency Range - RX - UHF 430 - 440 MHz
Frequency Range - Sub B-band RX: 100 kHz to 1300 MHz
Receiver B-band SSB/CW Coverage 100 kHz to 470 MHz
Frequency Range - TX - VHF 144 - 146 MHz
Frequency Range - TX - UHF 430 - 440 MHz
13.8 V DC-In Facility Yes
Antenna Impedance - 50 Ohm Yes
Audio Output Power More than 300 mW (10% distortion)
Current Consumption From 2.0 A to 35 mA depending on TX/RX mode and output power level
Dimensions WxHxD = 58 x 87 x 30 mm with standard battery excluding projections
Microphone Impedance 2 kOhm
Mode - Main & Sub Bands A-band - F3E (FM), F1D (FSK), F2D.
B-band - F2D, F3E (FM),A1A (CW), A3A (AM), J3E (SSB).
Operating Temperature Range -10 °C to +50 °C with standard battery
Power Requirement (nominal) - Battery DC 5.5 to 7.5 V
Power Requirement (nominal) - External DC 12 to 16 V
Receiver Circuitry - Double Super Heterodyne Yes
Receiver Circuitry (W-FM) - Single Conversion Yes
Receiver Intermediate Frequency - A-band - 1st IF 59.85 MHz
Receiver Intermediate Frequency - A-band - 2nd IF 450 kHz
Receiver Intermediate Frequency - B-band - 1st IF 57.60 MHz
Receiver Intermediate Frequency - B-band - 2nd IF 450 kHz
Receiver Selectivity (-40 dB) Less than 28 kHz
Receiver Selectivity (-6 dB) More than 12 kHz
Receiver Sensitivity Less than 0.18 µV for 12 dB SINAD
Receiver Sensitivity - B-band from 7.08 to 0.22 µV depending on frequency and mode (7.08 = AM 0.3 to 0.520 MHz broadcast band)
Receiver Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.13 µV
Transmitter Frequency Stability ± 8 ppm (-20 °C - +60 °C)
Transmitter Maximum Frequency Deviation - FM less than ± 5 kHz
Transmitter Maximum Frequency Deviation - N-FM ± 2.5 kHz
Transmitter Modulation Distortion Less than 3% (300 Hz to 3 kHz)
Transmitter Modulation Mode - Reactance Modulation Yes
Transmitter Spurious Radiation Hi/Low/ELow = less than -60 dB/-50 dB/-40 dB
Weight 250 gr (with standard battery, antenna and belt clip)

Applicable Standards



Selected Accessories

(Consult your local dealer for all available accessories)
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