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MFJ-16010 Manuell Antennetuner

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Liten, hendig tuner for longwire.
Inn og utgang SO-239 tilkobling, kan snues for tuning av lave og høye impedanser.
1,8-30 MHz.  Inntil 200W.
Størelse 5,8x9x13,5 cm.

MFJ 16010 PIC

MFJ 16010 back PIC

The MFJ-16010 is a variable L-network random wire antenna tuner designed to match the low output impedance of your transmitter to the high impedance of a random wire (or vice
 versa). It will match almost any random length of wire to any transmitter from 160
 thru 10 meters. The transmitter may have an output RF power up to 200 watts. For
 best results, the random wire should be as long, high, and clear of surrounding
 objects as possible. Do not ground the random wire antenna.

 The connectors are labeled properly to match a transmitter to a higher
 impedance. This is the normal connection. To match impedances that are lower than your transmitter impedance (such as a mobile whip), simply interchange the normal transmitter and antenna connections to the MFJ-16010.

 Remember the MFJ-16010 is designed to match a single random wire and not a
 coaxial line, even though coaxial connectors are used for both antenna and
 transmitter connections (these connectors make it easy to interchange antenna
 and transmitter connections).

 A standard banana plug will fit nicely into the center of the SO-239 coaxial
 connector and can be used to connect the single random wire in lieu of a
 coaxial plug (PL-239).

 A standard coaxial cable having an impedance that matches your transmitter
 output impedance, should be used to connect your transmitter to the
 MFJ-16010 Random Wire Antenna Tuner. Make sure the MFJ-16010 is well grounded to the transmitter.

 If you are using the MFJ-16010 to match a vertical or mobile whip, the tuner needs
 to be at the feed point of the antenna and not at the transmitter end of the
 coaxial transmission line.


Link til manual.

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